Nelson at its Best and Nelson Public Library present:

Public Space Community Meeting – “We Know What We Want, How Do We Get It?”

Monday May 29th,  7:00pm
Nelson Public Library

Since we began last May with an evening at the Civic Theatre that explored what public space is and how it benefits communities, through several “park bench” conversations and a public survey, we have engaged with over 650 people to find out how our public spaces are valued, how they could be improved, as well as having a vision for the future.

On May 29th at 7pm, you’ll hear about the key themes that emerged from this community engagement, and discuss how we as citizens can work together in realizing the common goals that emerged from the community engagement—including how to promote public space by participating in the Nelson Official Community Plan public engagement process.

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Let’s help create a connected, vital, and healthy community together. We look forward to seeing you there!