Volunteer Hub

Project News & Updates

An initial community consultation and feasibility study indicated an Online Only Hub would be well used by Nelson’s volunteer involving organizations (VIO’s) and would have a high probability of successfully meeting a need and creating benefit to a significant group of people in the community.

The Volunteer Hub project is supporting the creation of an Online, staffed Volunteer Hub, It is undertaking a staged approach that includes creating a solid business plan, confirming potential partnerships and an umbrella organization, and securing funding through to a pilot and the start up, built around sustainability.


Project Reports:

  • Scoping Study: We have engaged with other Canadian Volunteer Centres serving similar, smaller, rural, geographically dispersed communities; with the aim of identifying successful models of service delivery, business structure, and funding streams.
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  • Community Dialogue Outcomes: We have reached out to the community with a focus on engaging with Nelson’s volunteer involving organizations and gathering their input on the need for and benefits of a hub in our community.
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  • Feasability Study: We have completed a feasibility study to assess a model for creating a sustainable hub. Nelson’s volunteer community was engaged via several dialogue sessions and surveys.
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