Together Nelson

A Community Action Plan to Reduce Poverty

Together we can reduce poverty. 

Together Nelson partners with community organizations, municipal and regional governments to better understand poverty and identify local strategies to reduce poverty in Nelson BC.

Nelson BC is a great place to live.

But not everyone is thriving in our community. 

Close to 2,000 community members live in poverty in Nelson – friends and neighbours – children, youth, adults and seniors.

Together Nelson is a community-based initiative, launched in the fall of 2020, to better understand local poverty in order to create a four-year Action Plan to reduce poverty in Nelson. This initiative will be identifying tangible, measurable actions that will help stop people from falling into, and that lift people out of, the river of poverty.

We are people with experience of living in poverty, indigenous community members, local businesses, government, education, health, mental health and non-profit community organizations collaborating with diverse community members and organizations to make Nelson a more thriving community.

Two Key Principles Shape Everything We Do:

Nothing About Us Without Us

The voices of people with lived experience of poverty are at the heart of everything we develop. The Action Plan to reduce poverty will involve people with direct experience of poverty in steering the project’s overall direction, sharing agendas and promoting a clearer understanding of key poverty related issues. 

Reducing vs. Alleviating Poverty

We recognize the importance of maintaining, and further supporting, the essential poverty alleviation efforts of our local organizations. Together Nelson’s focus is on reducing poverty which means lifting community members out of poverty by increasing opportunities that support economic independence, are pre-cursors to economic independence, or address high priority gaps in our community’s poverty alleviation efforts.

Community Partners

We believe that only by working together, as a community, can we reduce poverty. So, we have convened 16 community partners to form the Together Nelson Leadership Roundtable to steer the overall project, champion community consultation opportunities, and create an Action Plan to reduce poverty.

Our Partners – Leadership Round Table Membership > 

Take Stock

We will use relevant quantitative data to inform Together Nelson’s Leadership Roundtable and Community Consultation Roundtables about the scope of poverty in Nelson.

What Does Poverty Look Like – The Data, ‘A Brief Summary of Poverty in Nelson’ > 


Community Consultation

We will be consulting with close to 100 select community members – lived experience experts, indigenous people, business leaders, local government, education, health, and mental health representatives, and community-based non-profit organizations about ‘What’s happening in our community?’  ‘What’s the change we want to see?’ and ‘What can we do together?’ across six focus areas:


  • Access to Health & Mental Health Care
  • Education & Skill Building Opportunities
  • Employment & Income Supports
  • Housing
  • Families / Children & Youth
    (including child care & early education opportunities)
  • Social Supports
    (e.g. cultural, immigrants, food security, justice, transportation)

Our Action Plan

Based on data gathered during the Take Stock phase and what the people of Nelson share with us during the community consultation sessions, we will develop a Four-Year Action Plan.

This plan will be launched in the broader community in fall 2021, at which time we will be seeking community and local government partners to support the implementation of the Plan’s prioritized focus areas.

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Nelson at its Best is a community-based multi-sector initiative aimed at strengthening quality of life & community well-being in Nelson BC.