We work collaboratively with all sectors of our community to identify & promote initiatives that aim to strengthen quality of life & community well-being in Nelson BC.


End Poverty Initiative

A community project aimed at ending poverty in Nelson BC

Nelson at its Best’s End Poverty Initiative was initiated in 2013 to examine the nature and scope of poverty in Nelson and to take action towards reducing its impact and incidence. It understands the root causes of poverty as systemic, lying primarily with economic and social support systems that fail to adequately prepare, support or protect individuals and groups of people within our society. It also believes that solving or ending poverty requires a human rights lens and approach to improved social and economic policy.


Volunteer Hub Project

A community project aimed at supporting a coordinated approach to enable a thriving local volunteer community

Nelson has around 170 volunteer involving organizations and an estimated 4,000+ volunteers. Although volunteers make up the largest group of workers in Nelson, there is no centralized, coordinated support for our Volunteer Community. Nelson at its Best’s Volunteer Hub project was created to determine the community appetite for a Hub, establish a shared understanding of what services and benefits a Hub could offer, to identify and prioritize needs and barriers, and gauge commitment to using a Hub, including potential financial resources available in the form of Member Fees to support a sustainable Hub.


Past Projects & Current Highlights

Since our inception in 2006 we have worked together with our partners and the community to strengthen well-being through collaborative projects, events and initiatives.

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Nelson at its Best is a community-based multi-sector initiative aimed at strengthening quality of life & community well-being in Nelson BC.