Nelson at its Best will be conducting three dynamic public engagement initiatives this coming Fall to enable Nelson and area citizens to voice their views and concerns: ‘Reverse’ All-Candidates Forum, First Annual City Council Check-in, and 2020 Community Survey

A ‘Reverse’ All-Candidates Forum for the October 21 federal Election will be held during the campaign. This uniquely structured opportunity to engage federal candidates will give the public the chance to speak, while candidates listen, on key current social issues and topics, then reflect back what they heard.This forum is intended to ensure that whoever ends up representing our area will be fully informed of the issues facing us as a community and region. Specific Date: September-October TBA

First Annual City Council Check-in         All good relationships require open communication around how the relationship is working for both people involved. Our relationship with our local elected officials is no different! Come this October, our Nelson City Council will have been in place for a whole year, so this is the perfect time to check back in with our them. As a follow-up to our very successful October 2018 municipal election ‘Candi-dating’ event, Nelson at its Best will be inviting citizens to participate in our Candi-‘dating’: One Year Anniversary event with the Mayor and Council members to hear about priorities, assess progress, provide input and ask questions.Specific Date: November TBA

2020 Community Survey   In 2013, Nelson at its Best conducted a community-based survey to gain a community perspective on community strengths, priority social issues and recommended actions. The top issues identified in the Ideas into Action report coming out of this consultation were Poverty, Housing Affordability, Employment Opportunities and Mental Health. It is time to update our collective views, so we will be conducting another community survey early in 2020, using both online and paper methods. Stay tuned for details .