The 2024 tax season is over, and the Nelson Tax Help Clinic has helped just over 100 low-income earners in Nelson and area file their taxes in a free, quick, and easily accessible way!

Filing federal and provincial income taxes is one of the best poverty reduction strategies. Tax filing not only puts money back in people’s pockets, which in turn circulates in the local economy, but it also allows people to qualify for important federal and provincial benefits and credits, such as affordable childcare subsidies, family dental benefits, Disability tax credits, OAS, CPP, etc.

The Nelson Tax Help Clinic piloted an enhanced Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) in Nelson and area with the full support of the Canada Revenue Agency. We were able help those with household incomes that aligned with the local living wage, those with self-employment income, and those who had years of back taxes to pay.

During March and April 2024, 101 people enrolled in the tax clinic and 164 tax returns were filed. A total of $82,446 in refunds was returned to individuals while $7,394 was owed, leaving a net economic benefit to participants, and the local economy, of just over $75,000!

A Guide to Setting Up an Enhanced Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, including recommendations from this Pilot, was prepared and has been posted to this website as a way to encourage other communities in the Columbia Basin region to replicate this very effective poverty reduction strategy in their communities.

Download the Guide here.