Nelson at its Best and Nelson Public Library have created an online survey designed to gather more community views and ideas related to public space. This is the next phase of public input, following up on the in-person community conversations held throughout the summer and fall.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, with questions related to the various aspects of public space: open areas, streets and sidewalks, and civic buildings. It is aimed at city residents, those who work in Nelson, and those for whom Nelson is a prime location for shopping, services, entertainment and recreation.

The survey asks people for their ideas on which public spaces work and why, how they could be improved, and their vision for public space in Nelson. It can be accessed at

“From the community conversation s, we learned that people strongly appreciate and heavily use Nelson’s open spaces like parks, trails, beaches, urban pathways, and sports fields, and they have lots of constructive ideas on how to make them even better,” says George Chandler with Nelson at its Best. “But we also learned that the greatest capacity to really improve our public space may lie in the streets, sidewalks, intersections, alleys and boulevards that connect us. We’re looking forward to finding out what people want to see from these public spaces, and it’s especially timely given that the City intends to review our Official Community Plan this year.”

The survey will be open until January 25. The results will then be combined with the information gathered during the community conversations and presented to Council and planning staff, as well as to the community at large.

For more information, contact George Chandler (250) 354-8227.  Here are links to the thoughtful and inspiring video segments shown on May 30 at the Civic Theatre and online via Zoom:

Whole Video – all three parts (60’04”)

Part I   What is Public Space?  (19’30”)

Part II   Streets and Sidewalks. (19’02”)

Part III   Placemaking. (22’07”)