…in helping to make Nelson a healthy and thriving community.

Nelson is a wonderful place to live for many people   …Imagine what it might take to become a healthier and more caring, inclusive, and socially just community, for everyone


Who we are                       Nelson at its Best is a network of organizations and individuals working together to imagine and help make Nelson this healthy strong community. We promote a view of community planning seen through the lens of well-being and quality-of-life for all. We believe this better Nelson will be a place where people come together to make the best community possible for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors, and others, by everyone having a voice in defining problems and offering solutions.

What we do

  • Identify community quality of life issues as they emerge
  • Generate research and information on these issues
  • Convene stakeholders across diverse sectors to create space for deeper dialogue and collaboration around key identified issues
  • Promote community participation to discuss and deepen knowledge around key issues
  • Act as a catalyst by piloting initiatives, where appropriate, and by providing recommendations for action to appropriate community and governmental agencies
  • Communicate the impact of our work

Why join the team?         Nelson at its Best is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are representative of our diverse community and its needs in relation to the Society’s mission. We welcome volunteers who embrace the work and the values of Nelson at its Best, coming with backgrounds such as community development, social work, health, education, business and economic development, finance, fundraising, legal, human rights, communications, or arts—and we gladly welcome other perspectives.

Board members are largely responsible for the ‘big picture’ tasks, the organization’s mission, its values and its strategic plan. They bring their talents, knowledge and experiences to our work, but are also keen to further develop their skills around organizational management (financial, legal, human resources), governance and strategizing through their board work.

The board works together using consensus decision-making.

At what might be the most critical time in our community’s life since the mid-1980s, as a board member you will develop a deeper and broader understanding of our community’s current challenges—and you will be part of identifying and exploring emerging issues. You will participate in creating initiatives to engage and mobilize fellow citizens. You will play an important role in creating a better Nelson, by collaborating with an interesting and diverse group of people (Board, staff, volunteers) from multiple sectors.

If this opportunity looks interesting to you, we would love to sit down and chat with you.

We invite you to go to our website and read more about our work: www.bestnelson.org.

Feel free to chat with one of our directors to find out more by calling George Chandler 250 354-8227 to arrange a meeting.