How do you think City Council has performed over the last year? What’s important to Council? What’s important to you?

All good relationships require open communication around how the relationship is working for both people involved. Our relationship with our elected officials is no different!

As a follow-up to our October 2018 event, Nelson at its Best is inviting Council and citizens to participate in our Candi-‘dating’: One Year Anniversary event. The idea is to provide an opportunity to check in with Council and see how the first year in office has gone.

 Thursday November 21st, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00pm, Nelson Public Library

The menu for this date night is as follows:

  • Council highlighting the strategic goals for the upcoming year
  • Small table discussions with Q & A with one councillor at each table addressing one of the four strategic priorities
  • Three rounds of these discussions to allow you to talk about up to three goals
  • A wrap-up with Council reflecting back what they heard and key messages going forward