As of January 16, 2019, we have secured sufficient funds for the Development phase, which involves the development of a Business Plan to attract and secure an umbrella organization, community partners, donors and funders.

The very nature of our Hub model is that it requires the creation of local partnerships to sustain and direct the Hub’s operational activities. Local partnerships are critical to ensuring sustainability along with providing community input and direction on a Hub’s operational activities. Its aim is to increase efficiency and productivity amongst Nelson’s Volunteer Involving Organization’s by sharing resources amongst Hub members.

The scope of the Development phase work:

  1. Development of a Business Plan that includes:
  • Programs /services that demonstrate maximum possible impact in meeting our volunteer community’s needs.
  • Structure and management of an online Volunteer Hub.
  • Financial Plan including a three-year budget and cash flow analysis.
  1. Design a fundraising approach that identifies potential partners and donors and provides tools for engaging and securing them including:
  • A presentation to inform potential funders about the Hub’s Business Plan and partnership benefits.
  • Documentation and/or guidelines for creating Partnership Agreements.

This work will bridge the gap between the feasibility study and the third phase to build and pilot an online Volunteer Hub. Stay tuned!