Every second Friday 11:00am – noon, staring Oct. 23 and continuing until the end of March, the ‘Nelson at its Best’ program on Kootenay Co-op Radio (CJLY) will focus on current and emerging social issues.

The intention is to have conversation-driven, deep dives around social issues affecting us in Nelson and area: who we are, what is being done and what yet needs to be done to help make Nelson a healthy community for everyone. The program is not about the organization per se, but rather focuses on addressing the IDEA and the ASPIRATION  of ‘Nelson being at its best’ and what it will take for us to get there.

We will delve into social issues, often very inter-connected, and hopefully exploring some different angles on the way, finding out what local people are thinking, discussing and doing, the best thoughts and actions happening around an issue, both here in Nelson and elsewhere.  Besides exploring issues, we will try to unpack some structures and attitudes that have shaped where we find ourselves now and can help inform where we need to go.

You can find us at 93.5 FM in Nelson, 96.5 FM in Crawford Bay, 107.5 FM in New Denver, and 101.5 FM in Slocan and Castlegar. Or at https://www.kootenaycoopradio.com/

Upcoming programs:

Fri. Nov. 6     11:00am       Human Response to the Opioid Crisis

Fri. Nov. 20     11:00am     Food for Thought / Thought for Food

Fri. Dec. 18     11:00am     Building an Inclusive and Non-discriminating Community

Fri. Jan. 8    11:00am         Social Isolation: Has the Pandemic Awoken Us?

Fri. Jan. 22     11:00am      Music and Poetry for Change

Fri Feb 5     11:00am          Supported Housing and Homelessness

Fri. Feb. 19     11:00am      Childcare

Fri. March 5    11:00am      Local and Global Development

Fri. March 19  11:00am      Poverty Reduction

Fri. April 2      11:00am       Climate Action

You can find the programs aired so far, and then each subsequent one, at:


Then scroll down to and click on:  ‘Nelsonatitsbest’   ..then click on the date of the program that you want   e.g. 06 NaiB Nov6 2020.mp3 will give the the ‘Opioid Crisis ‘ show from November 6