• Conducted a 2012 Community Survey that identified key community concerns around poverty, mental health, housing and employment, which remain priority issues
  • End Poverty Initiative, begun in 2014, has conducted research, public awareness processes and events, and partnerships with various sectors, as well as piloting innovative projects across sectors with businesses, families and children, youth, and people with lived experience of poverty
  • Conducted numerous public education / consultation events around key civic issues such as inclusion, housing, poverty, community collaboration and impact, healthy community, childcare funding, progressive tax options and community visioning
  • Conducted regular All-Candidates reverse election forum events for all levels of elections since 2009
  • Convened two community social planning events to identify key issues
  • Led a Community Mapping project, which became the City of Nelson Housing Committee, on which we continue to serve
  • Convened two focused community meetings around ‘Life on Baker Street’
  • Conducted three initiatives with arts community around poverty and vulnerability
  • Convened three cross-sectorial Climate Crisis Round Tables to create a greater understanding of the consequences of the climate crisis for all of us, in particular, the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our communities


  • In 2020-21, the End Poverty Initiative is launching an exciting initiative that will engage the community in creating a plan to reduce poverty in Nelson
  • After conducting feasibility study around a Volunteer Hub for Nelson and area,now working on a solid business plan and IT development to help make the Hub a sustainable resource that will help make our community stronger and more engaged
  • Preparing for local government 2nd annual ‘Council-dating’ check-in event for Winter 2021 to allow citizens more direct input to and conversation with elected representatives
  • Working with other community groups and individuals to create, launch and support an organization that will address issues of discrimination and hate, and help Nelson become a more inclusive community
  • Working as part of a collective to conduct a climate action social innovation lab to address the climate crisis locally